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Payroll & HR Consultancy

When establishing your UK business, it is important that not only do you hire the right people but you pay them right and on time. Failure to do so can result in a negative employee experience, losing your most important resource, negative employee engagement and a bad start to your international journey. At Quinton Oakes we will assist in ensuring that your payroll is done right from the start and done in  timely and cost effective manner.  

Legal Support & Employment Law 

We can advise on a range of commercial and business matters from commercial contracts, data protection, intellectual property, employment and dispute resolution.   Whether you need an internal policy review, or a multi-party supply of goods and services agreement drafted and negotiated, we have the expertise to get you the right result.   If matters become more contentious, we can provide you with the necessary guidance to resolve business and employment disputes at the earliest opportunity, with minimum cost to you and your business.

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Procurement & Implementation 

Payroll and HR are constantly evolving and this market is now saturated with suppliers who all claim to work for the customer. Picking the wrong supplier can be a costly mistake that could translate to late payments, delay in payroll, fines, data loss and over paying. Quinton Oakes has experience working with different suppliers and will assist in reviewing and advising which suppliers are the perfect fit. We will ensure that a supplier is selected that matches your budget and your goals. 

Money Movement Service

Quinton Oakes helps companies globally pay their employees based here in the UK. Through this service there is no need to establish a UK bank account in order to pay your staff and pay for services in the UK. Simply transfer the funds from your native account and currency and we will do the rest. Straight forward service designed for business seeking to scale up quickly without the hustle of opening a bank account in the United Kingdom.

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