The Rise of Cloud Based Payroll

Updated: Mar 5

It’s Monday and we’re in the second week of January 2022, we hope you’ve had a great weekend and are ready to start your working weeks in style. Within the payroll industry we are seeing more and more businesses using cloud-based payroll systems to improve the efficiency of their payroll departments. You may be curious on why this trend is occurring, this blog will you understand why.

What is Cloud Based Payroll

Cloud Based Payroll is payroll software that operates the same way as a normal payroll system however can be accessed remotely and is backed up by a cloud-based system. More and more business are now ditching the usual more clunky payroll system and are going for cloud based payroll system. As it’s easy to access and it’s also remote. So, employees can access their payroll system from the comfort of their own home via an internet connection.

Benefits of Using Cloud Based Payroll

· Cost Effective

· Disaster Recovery Friendly

· More Efficient

· Remote

· Quality Control

· Mobile

· More Integrated and User Friendly

· Cloud Storage

Should You Consider Using Cloud Based Payroll?

If you’re a business owner or a payroll officer that’s looking to expand beyond a one to 5 employee business. Or just someone looking for ways to make their payroll easier, cheaper and more efficient to manage. Then absolutely we would highly recommend using a cloud-based software. They are so many benefits such as being more cost effective. Furthermore, its cloud based, so if you’re computer breaks down. All your employee’s payroll data is saved and backed on a cloud storage system. All you need is an internet connection and you can access your payroll system from anywhere in the world.

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