Recreate your water cooler moments – How to stay in touch with colleagues while working remotely

Working from home can be quite isolating especially, for those living alone. As a large portion of the workforce are going to continue to work from home for the forceable future we should try recreate some of the positive aspects of the office.

One thing we all miss about our offices are our colleagues, and most importantly those informal interactions, taking place in the kitchen, by the watercooler or over a coffee.

Here are three of our top tips on how you can recreate those ‘watercooler’ moments and stay connected with your colleagues whilst working remotely.

  1. Coffee catch ups

Recreate the experience of going for lunch or a coffee with a colleague, or a group of colleagues. Put time in your diary, make yourself a hot beverage and catch up.

You don’t have to stick to just work-related topics – you wouldn’t in the office!

This is also a great way to check in on each other’s well being and make sure your colleagues are doing okay. This is especially beneficial for those who live alone.

  1. Checking in

In the office, you’d never walk into a meeting room and get started straight away. So why do we do it on Teams, Skype and Zoom?

You can recreate the general chit-chat at the beginning of a meeting, the quick chat you have in the corridor or those exchanges whilst people shuffle papers and set up their slides, by setting aside a couple of minutes at the beginning of meetings to have a quick chat.

Add it to your agenda – it’s good practice and, with 5 minutes less for your meetings, you’ll be more efficient with the time you do have left.

  1. Let’s get quiz-ical!

It’s a cliché for a reason. That’s right the virtual quiz has become 2020’s most popular activity! You don’t have to just do a quiz, although look online there are hundreds of ready-made ones you can play, there are lots of social activities you can do remotely as a team.

Why not try one of these free virtual escape rooms (divide yourself into teams and see who can escape the fastest!) or check out Google Arts & Culture to see inside over 200 different museums and art galleries from across the world.

You could even hold a ‘virtual pub’ and have a Friday after work drink with colleagues – make ours a quaran-tini!

Do you have your own tips on keeping connected with your colleagues? Share your tips in the comment section below!

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