Outsourcing Your Payroll Should You Do It?

As a business owner, choosing your payroll provider is one of the biggest decisions you can make. Choosing your payroll provider and decided whether to outsource it is part of managing the company’s finances. Thus, it’s essential that you have the right plan in place before you decide whether or not to outsource your payroll. If you need help making this very important. Here are some tips to guide you into making the right choice.


That saying ‘it costs money to make money’ is such a powerful statement, especially in the world of business. If your business can afford to outsource then perhaps you should consider doing it. However, if you if it’s cheaper and more cost effective to do the payroll in house. Then it would be better not to outsource your payroll. If you have to budget and make sure that your payroll is not going to cause your business to go down under. Having a great budget is everything in business. Your costs to manage your payroll have to be in line with your business financial prosperity.

Company Goals

Every business has their goals, whether it be short term or long-term goals. You have to make sure if you decide to outsource your payroll, that it doesn’t jeopardise your company’s goals and aspirations. Are your company goals to make sure all your operations are in house? So, you have full control on how the business operates. Including operations such as the payroll. Or are your goals simply for your business to function, and grow regardless on if some of your operations are carried out externally?

Training & Resources

Like costs you have to consider does your business have the resources, the necessary training to make that the payroll is carried out effectively? Are you trained to understand how payroll works and do you have extensive knowledge on payroll law and regulation?

You have to make sure that your business has the resources and training to make sure that your payroll is done efficiently with little error.

At the end of the day every business will have their own set of circumstances which will determine of if outsourcing their payroll is best for that business. We at Quinton Oakes are here to guide into making the best decisions regarding payroll for your business.

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