More Workers Prefer Online Learning

The internet as well as technology has transformed the way we consume and teach knowledge. With more universities offering online degrees and the Millennials and the Gen Z generations being brought up on smartphones, and social media. Technology has greatly changed the we learn and operate in our everyday lives. Recent studies are showing that more and more people are actually prefer to learn online rather than the traditional of being in a classroom and watching someone write on a chalkboard.

If you you’re a business owner, director, human resources personnel who wants to know on the best ways to apply online learning to their business. Here are some of the best ways to apply the new world of online learning into your workforce.

Zoom/Teams Training Videos

Microsoft Teams and Zoom are the currently the two most popular video recording software tools at the moment. So why not make best use of them? Especially as they are both free of charge to download and use. You teach your employees via these video recording tools on various things. You can have multiple training classes in which the trainer can teach your staff members. Very easy to use Zoom and Microsoft Teams, you can use and record videos for future staff members on how to carry various business processes and operations.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is the world’s most popular social media platform for vlogging with over a billion users across the world. So, it would be common sense to make use of such as global and free platform to help teach your employees. You can record video tutorials and save them on your YouTube channel, for your employees to see and use for future use. If your employees work from home, they can access these video tutorials from their comfort of their home. Thus, having a YouTube channel allows easy access and makes teaching your employees much easier and more cost effective.

Web Seminars

Another effective of online learning is through web seminars, you can use platforms such as LinkedIn to host Web Seminars. To host important conferences and meetings to your organisation. If you work in global organisation where you have employees in different continents. Having web seminars allows your employees to gather together all at once learning together via a seminar.

Online Workshops & Courses

Last but not least, offering online workshops and courses as a teach your employees about the company’s operations, sector regulations and business changes. Helps you keep your employees up to date in terms of their skills set and knowledge of the business. As well as how the business functions and also stakeholder interests.

As you can the internet and technology has forever changed the way we learn and operate in our everyday lives. We at Quinton Oakes are dedicated to help Human Resource professionals make their company’s operations more efficient and cost effective.

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