Is outsourcing payroll going as you planned?

Why am I working so hard?

There are two different approaches to outsourcing your payroll to a managed provider.

This is option one.

You speak to a managed provider one day. They seem excellent. They tell you they’re going to sort the whole thing out.

Your HR team will be free from the administrative burden of payroll, they won’t need to follow complicated legislative changes or worry about emergency pre-payday corrections. You’ll be able to focus on your priorities and running your business.

You’re excited… this is going to be brilliant you think!

A few months later, you realise that it’s not quite going as you expected. You find yourself doing the majority of the data entry internally, there is a complicated (and time consuming!) checking process every payroll cycle and whenever there is a mistake you spend ages on the phone trying to sort it out.

There is also option two.

At Quinton Oaks, we do managed payroll the right way. It’s simple, easy and straightforward. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a ‘fully managed’ service.

Our process is simple: you tell us your employees’ salary, hours worked, pay date and pay frequency. We’ll do the rest.

Why are you working so hard? Give us a call and let us do managed payroll the right way.

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