HR Advice 101: Employee Retention How to Retain Your Best Employees

Attracting top talent is one thing, as the majority of us need a job as we are not born rich. Therefore, we have to work for a living. However, retaining top talent can be extremely challenging, as once an employee has gained their experience and skill set. They will become a lucrative asset to many potential rival employers. The world of business and life is a very competitive place to be in. As a person working in HR here are some ways to help your company retain the best employees money can buy.

Competitive Pay

Face it, we work to earn a living to help us pay our bills and supported our families and loved ones. Therefore, we dedicated our lives to our jobs to achieve these key objectives. Not everyone is purely motivated by money, but the vast majority are. Therefor you need offer your employees a competitive salary packet to motivate them to work to the best of their abilities. Also, as a way to encourage them to stay long term at your company.

Ethical and Individual Values

We live in a world where corporate social responsibility is becoming more prevalent than ever. Where companies are openly taking the philanthropist approach and are donating to charitable causes. To help boost their image to the public. Employees are people too, so they want to work for companies who share their values. For example, a gay man who is more likely to work for a company who donates to LGBTQ causes. As an HR person work with your employer to help understand your talent, so you can promote their values to within the company. Which will help them feel welcome and will prevent them from looking for a job elsewhere.

Clear Career Progression

We all have goals and aspirations, both short term and long term. No one wants to remain in a dead-end job until they retire. This is why it is essential to provide clear career progression within your company. Your top employees want to feel that there is a clear way to achieve their career goals. Whether that be become a senior manager or transfer to a different department entirely. Employees who have ambition will always look around for an opportunity to make their career aspirations a reality. So, make sure that you help make their career ambitions achievable within your company.

Company Benefits

Nowadays more and employers are offering private medical insurance, dental plans, company cars life insurance, gym memberships and other enticing company benefits to attract and retain the best talent available. Make sure you are offering unique company benefits to entice your best talent to remain with you. As we all love and value things that make our lives easier and better.

Employee Engagement

Another great way to encourage you best employees to stay loyal to them is to provide them a platform to speak on. Employee engagement is a great way to showcase to your employee that their values and opinions matter. Making your company become more democratic in how it is managed, allows your employees to feel truly appreciate for their hard work and loyalty. Provide a forum, or department representative to allow your employees to speak about their concerns about their role and the company. A happy and engaged employee is more likely to stay at your company long term


Freedom, freedom, freedom, we spend most of our lives working for a company to pay our bills and provide for our families. If a company gives some freedom, some flexibility to make our lives easier. To help balance our professional and personal life. Then this is like a gift from the heavens. Consider providing flexible working hours to your employees to make their lives better. Allow a hybrid working environment to allow employees who have young children to care for. Give them the opportunity to work from home.

If an employee has a stressful personal life, if you help make their professional easier. They will feel that have been greatly taken off and will reward you with being loyal to your company.

Safe and Comfortable Working Environment

Another great to retain top talent is by making their working environment and safe and comfortable to work. Make their working environment their second him. More and more companies are creating visually stunning offices to give that image to prospect employees that this company will provide you with a place that you can call home. Have a gym, a canteen, a nice lounge with a PlayStation 5. Make your place of operations for your employees a place they can work in as smoothly and comfortable as possible.

Great Managers/Leaders

Last but not least hiring great managers will help you create a highly productive and cooperative working environment for your employees. We all need and value role models in life. An employee who gets on well with their managers is an employee that is more likely to become more productive and will likely stay at your company for a long period of time. Always hire managers who have great social skills and can inspire others to become the best versions of themselves.

There are so many to retain top talent, we at Quinton Oakes are here to help you as HR person achieve these key objectives.

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