Employee Engagement: The Future of HR

It’s the start of spring, so winter has ended, the sun is coming out and employers are keener to bring their employees back to the office. Since the control of COVID has improved. However, during the lockdown period, in which most employers were forced to allow their employees to work from home.

This has introduced the new “Hybrid” situation in which employees are working partially from home and then some days from their employer’s office or building of operations. Which has proved to be greatly successfully for a lot of companies. Who are trying to create a more work friendly and employee orientated working environment. For a person who works in HR, from research studies, it seems that implementing employee engagement is the best way to attain and retain top level talent.

Here are some of the ways for someone for HR person to engage successfully with their companies’ employees:

Employee Surveys

Handing out surveys to members of staff has been proven to be a very effective way to gain deep insight into how an employee feels about their job and employee. Also, it allows complete privacy and confidentially for the employee. Thus, the employee can express their thoughts and concerns about their role and employer. Without fear of confrontation or employer backlash.

Employee Feedback

Attaining employee feedback gives you as HR worker deep insight and valuable data on what your company’s employees like and don’t like about the company. Whether that be staff pay, working hours, holiday entitlements etc. Having regular employee feedback is essential is ensuring that your employee’s are satisfied and are likely to stay working in the company that they work for. It gives you the information you need to solve problems within the business. Ensuring a positive and employee friendly working environment for all.

Regular Meetings

Another great way to engage with your employees is having regular meeting. This allows direct interaction between staff members and manager/ senior employees. This gives the employee a sense of appreciation as they feel that their opinions are valued and they have sense of contribution to how the business can improve. Individuality and Diversity are trends that are becoming more prevalent in today’s work force. Therefore, having regular staff meetings allows for this needs to be more thoroughly expressed.

We are living in working world where technology and news ways of working are changing the way people work. Thus, as HR worker it’s essential to have an open mind in order to keep a workforce happy and satisfied within their role. Here at Quinton Oakes we are dedicated to helping HR workers understand how to achieve their employees needs and interests.

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