Emerging Payroll Trends

Technology rarely if ever stays the same, it keeps on changing as mankind advances in thinking and resources. Payroll is no different, the payroll system is a fast-changing arena that keeps on changing with new laws and regulations. As well as new software with new tools to help assist businesses in managing their staff’s payroll. Here are some of the major emerging payroll trends that changing the way businesses manage and implement their payroll.

Movable and Remote

In a post Covid-19 era, where the majority of businesses had to resort to operating remotely and allowing their staff to instead work from their own homes. Instead of working in a typical office-based building. Businesses had to millions to adapt their needs and their staff needs in this very uncertain time that we are currently living on. Furthermore, with new strains of the Covid-19 viruses always occurring, working remotely is going to be a change that will be likely the new normal. Also, businesses have saved millions in rent and operating costs by working remotely. Therefore, it’s vital that you have a payroll system that also operates remotely and that can be accessible from the comfort of your home.


We live in a world where people in general want businesses to be more ethical in their way of doing businesses. HR staff are required to be skilled and trained in how to sure their staff members are operating in manger that is legal and ethical. GDPR data regulations are stricter than ever more, the same applies with payroll. It is essential that you as a business owner, that your payroll operations are in congruent with current labour law and practice.

A Whole in One System and Smarter AI

Payroll is a way of managing your staff’s salaries and paying on them time. Also, it’s a form of technology which always progresses as artificial intelligence becomes smarter and more efficient. They are payroll systems are can be accessed via Face ID. Also, they are payroll systems that are connected to Cloud software, making the system much more integrated and less time consuming. In case you delete your staff’s bank details by mistake. The cloud system backs this data, preventing you from starting all over again.

Keeping up with all these trends as a business owner can be time consuming, that’s why it’s great practice to work with experts like here at Quinton Oakes, who can provide expert’s advice on the latest on payroll trends and regulation.

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